Touchscreen Stylus Selection Guide


Step 1) Determine if your touchscreen device is resistive or capacitive

The first step to selecting the correct touchscreen stylus is to identify the type of touchscreen your device has. The two primary types are resistive touchscreens and capacitive touchscreens. If you don't know the type of touchscreen your device has, below is a graphic that explains how to identify the type on your device:

Stylus 101-illustration 1 - resistive vs. capacitive.png

Step 2) Select a stylus that is compatible with your touchscreen device

Now that you know the type of touchscreen your device has, you can select the right type of stylus for your application.

If your device has a resistive touchscreen the choices are the Pilot T1100, Pilot T1102, or any of our generic styluses.

If your device has a capacitive touchscreen there are two choices:

  1. A passive capacitive stylus has a soft tip a little smaller than a pencil eraser. This type of stylus does not need a battery to activate the touch screen.

  2. An active capacitive stylus has a firmer and smaller tip like a ball point pen and requires a battery. This type of stylus has a battery that must be changed from time to time depending upon usage.

Step 3) Select the holder type, if needed

We offer several different types of holders depending upon your application.

  • The 3000-30 holder has an adhesive back and the 3000-31 holder has a screw mount back. Both holders are intended for use with the Pilot resistive styluses or the passive capacitive stylus. These holders are for use in a vertical position:

Stylus 101 - illustration 2 - holders.png
  • The round universal holder has an adhesive back and the holder rotates so the stylus can be kept in either a vertical or horizontal position:

Stylus 101 - illustration 3 - round holder.png

Step 4) Select the tether type, if needed

We offer two types of tethers in our stylus assemblies.

  • The straight tether is a black PVC coated 7x7 galvanized aircraft cable. Our standard cable length is 19" long however the length can be customized for your application in minimum quantities of 100 units.

  • The plastic coil tether extends to approximately 30".

A terminal ring at the end of the tether is available with the plastic-coated cable tether or the coiled tether.

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